Kossuth Lajos Forrás
Kossuth Lajos Spring-water

Balatonfüreden már a XVIII. sz. elején ismerték a savanyúvizek jótékony hatását szív- és érrendszeri, mozgásszervi, bőr- és nőgyógyászati betegségeket gyógyítottak vele. A Kossuth Lajos ivócsarnokot 1800-ban építették.

At the centre of Treatment Square is the Kossuth Lajos drinks stall ( built in 1800 ). Between 1 May and 30 September, you can taste Balatonfüred's sulphurous water, without having a to be a patient. In the 18C, the bitter water from the carbonic-gaseous springs was served with ewe's milk to treat stomach-ache. It was also used as a remedy for tuberculosis. Towards the end of the 19C, the curative and therapeutic properties of these waters were discovered and have since been used to treat heart conditions and problems of the circulatory system.

Square: Gyógy tér
Town: Balatonfüred

GPS: N46 57.366 E17 53.728